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PNS Daily Newscast - September 24, 2020 

President Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power post election; and COVID vaccine #4 needs volunteers.

2020Talks - September 24, 2020 

A new report highlights importance of keeping guns away from the polls; and Florida wants an investigation of a fund to help pay returning citizens' court fees and fines so they can vote.

Public News Service - KY: Early Childhood Education

PHOTO:  A legislative committee will be briefed Tuesday on Gov. Steve Beshear's proposal to modernize the state's tax code. The proposal would tax more services than in the past. Photo by Greg Stotelmyer.

FRANKFORT, Ky. - State House budget chairman Rick Rand calls Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's tax reform proposal a "starting point." The plan will get its first hearing during Tuesday's meeting of the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee. According to economic policy analyst Jason Bailey o

PHOTO: As the 2014 legislative session begins at the state Capitol, a new report warns Kentucky will continue to travel down a path of

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Kentucky lawmakers can take either a path of reinvestment or retrenchment when they craft a new two-year budget, according to economic policy analyst Jason Bailey, who calls the decision a "stark choice." He is co-author of a new report, from the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy,

PHOTO: A new report outlines the need for increased support for kinship caregivers in Kentucky.  Photo credit: Greg Stotelmyer.

JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. - In Kentucky, a lot of children are being raised by extended family members: at 6 percent of all kids, it's one of the highest kinship-care rates in the nation. A new report from Kentucky Youth Advocates outlines what the group says needs to be done to increase support for grandp

PHOTO:  The annual Kentucky Kids Count, released Tuesday, spotlights the critical need for more state funding of programs that help improve the economic security of children. Photo by Greg Stotelmyer.

JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. - The head of Kentucky Youth Advocates says his organization's annual measuring stick of child well-being should be a "lever for action." The 23rd annual Kentucky Kids Count County Data Book is out, and according to KYA executive director Terry Brooks, it illustrates the need for

PHOTO: A national report shows that two thirds of Kentucky kids who live in low-income households are not enrolled in preschool. Photo by Greg Stotelmyer.

JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. - A new national report shows that children younger than nine in Kentucky have the highest rate of traumatic events in their lives, events such as the death or incarceration of a parent; divorce of their parents; or witnessing violence in the home. The study by the Annie E. Casey

PHOTO:  A new report finds that Kentucky has the lowest wage limit for parents to qualify for child-care assistance. Child advocates say that's forcing parents to make tough decisions. Photo by Greg Stotelmyer.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A new report finds it's now tougher to qualify for child care assistance in Kentucky than anywhere else in the country. In a budget-cutting move, Kentucky shifted its eligibility limit in July from 150 percent of the federal poverty rate to 100 percent. And according the Na

PHOTO: As lawmakers return to Frankfort for a special session on redistricting, child advocates are at the capitol too with a message:

FRANKFORT, Ky. - With low-income families facing funding cuts to critical child-based programs, Kentucky lawmakers are hearing about the devastating effect. Children's advocates are using today, the first day of the Legislature's special session on redistricting, to make their point: "Fund kids firs

PHOTO: Cuts to child care eligibility threaten to eliminate the valuable service to thousands of Kentucky families.

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Thousands of Kentucky families are facing a child care crisis as the state drastically reduces the number of children it will help support. Beginning today, the income-eligibility cutoff for child care assistance drops from 150 percent to 100 percent of the federal poverty level.

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