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Trump attorneys go to court to attempt to block oversight of the president’s finances. Also, on the Tuesday rundown: the New York plastic bag ban becomes law. Plus, a new poll finds Coloradans support protecting wildlife corridors.

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Cancer Report: Less Smoking, Early Detection, Better Treatment Paying Off

May 28, 2009

Des Moines, IA – Cancer rates in the United States have dropped again and, according to the latest American Cancer Society (ACS) report, the good news can be traced to three factors. Chuck Reed, with the ACS' Iowa chapter, says experts credit less smoking, better medical treatment and, most importantly, early detection.

"If you catch it early, you have a much greater chance of survival. So, it's basically a matter of education, as far as breast cancer and colon cancer for women. For men, it's prostate cancer and colon cancer."

Early numbers for Iowa show cancer-related deaths dropped another two percent in 2006, the most recent year the figures have been tabulated. Reed calls lung cancer "the big one," because it is still the most deadly form of the disease. However, he says Iowa should soon see the results of steps taken to reduce it, as well.

"We have done a lot here in Iowa to decrease that, with the increase in the tobacco tax and the smoke-free air legislation. Fewer people are smoking, so that will decrease lung cancer rates into the future - so, we're doing the right things here in Iowa."

Iowa has one of the lowest overall smoking rates in the nationl, higher than only Utah and California. According to the report, lung cancer accounts for nearly 30 percent of cancer deaths. Another ten percent are from colon cancer; breast cancer deaths in women make up seven percent; and prostate cancer in men results in five percent of cancer deaths. The full report is available online, at

Dick Layman, Public News Service - IA