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PNS Daily News - October 26, 2020 

Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court moves toward a final vote; judicial appointments issue looms in the election; and five COVID-19 infections confirmed within VP Mike Pence's inner circle.

2020Talks - October 26, 2020 

Youth voter turnout has been high in early voting. And presidential candidates court swing-state voters in the last days until November 3.

Public News Service - IA: Rural/Farming

The farm crisis of the 1980s and subsequent manufacturing losses fueled a flight from rural communities in states such as Iowa. And groups calling for change say current political leaders aren't tuning into the concerns raised by people still living in these areas. (Adobe Stock)

DES MOINES, Iowa -- In the coming weeks, political candidates will fan out in rural America, promising voters that struggling communities will get federal help. But in states such as Iowa, some say those pledges don't result in real investment and that a new approach is needed. Matt Hildreth, exec

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Iowa's wind turbines generated 42% of the state's electricity in 2019, the highest wind-power share for any state. (Adobe Stock)

DES MOINES, Iowa - The wind-energy industry has a strong presence in states such as Iowa. But for more projects to move forward, a new report says local governments and developers need to be diligent in sorting out zoning issues. Iowa is among the top ten states for renewable energy from wind farm

An analysis of data from the 2017 USDA Census of Agriculture estimates that 99% of U.S. farm animals are located on factory farms. (Adobe Stock)

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The corporate meat industry is the target of a new campaign that asks consumers to boycott products from large operations. Those behind the effort point to recent situations in Iowa as examples of longstanding issues that need to be resolved, and cite a wide range of issues inclu

Nutrient management, cover crops and alternative tilling are key components of farmer conservation practices, and supporters say these efforts could create a new wave of jobs in the agriculture sector. (Adobe Stock).

JEFFERSON, Iawa -- Farmers in the nation's heartland are strongly encouraged to adopt conservation practices to lower their costs and help the environment. But an Iowa farmer says there's a side benefit that nobody talks about: job creation. Farmer Bill Frederick said he has turned conservation wo

In addition to direct payments, the federal government is helping farmers during the pandemic by buying unused product and helping to distribute to those in need. (Adobe Stock)

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Farmers can start applying for emergency aid approved by Congress in response to COVID-19. But federal agriculture officials aren't ready to cover all commodities just yet. The Coronavirus Food Assistance Program includes $19 billion in funding, most of which will cover payment

Unlike police and fire departments, emergency medical services have never been classified as an

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, Iowa's first responders say the state should no longer hold off on declaring Emergency Medical Services an essential service. That status is something EMS workers in Iowa have sought long before COVID-19. Being declared "ess

U.S. Postal Service officials say the agency's current cash crunch, made worse by the pandemic, could result in a shutdown by this fall if an emergency federal loan isn't authorized. (Adobe Stock)

SIOUX CITY, Iowa -- Leaders of the United States Postal Service have warned about its increasing financial woes before and during the pandemic, and concerns are growing over how a system collapse would impact residents of rural areas. National Rural Letter Carriers Association President Ronnie Stu

The current version of the federal Conservation Stewardship Program was launched in 2008. (Adobe Stock)

WASHINGTON, Iowa -- The coronavirus pandemic remains the focus of policymakers as they look to reduce the impact of the global outbreak. While those important actions play out, other key programs, including one that helps Iowa farmers implement conservation practices, are continuing. Iowa farmer

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