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PNS Daily Newscast - December 3, 2020 

As the pandemic slams the brakes on the DC Metro, warnings of an environmental disaster; the U.S. Senate to consider end-of-life issues.

2020Talks - December 3, 2020 

Biden meets with laid-off workers and small business owners, supports new stimulus plan.

Public News Service - PA: Disabilities

PHOTO: A Pennsylvania Senate hearing included testimony from people urging lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Parents of children who suffer from epileptic seizures were among those testifying before a Pennsylvania Senate committee in Harrisburg this week, asking lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana. Deena Kenny says her 17-year-old son deals not only with seizures, but also aut

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Time is running out for thousands of state employees whose contracts expire June 30, and many of those workers rallied statewide this week demanding a fair shake. Gov. Tom Corbett is proposing furloughs and a 4 percent pay cut next year. Service Employees International Union Loca

PHILADELPHIA - A campaign is underway in Pennsylvania and across the country, to get people to stop using the 'R' words: 'retarded' and 'retard.' As Matthew Aaron, president and CEO of Special Olympics Pennsylvania explains, these words are seen as derogatory toward people with intellectual disabili

HARRISBURG, Penn. - Protesters involved in a statewide rally Thursday say Pennsylvania's state budget axe could put hundreds of veterans and veterans' home workers on the street unless some proposed cuts are restored. Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. and veterans activist Hal Donahue sees the situati

Philadelphia, PA - Health care insurance costs in Pennsylvania are breaking the backs of businesses and families, according to a new report by Health Care For America Now. The organization's state director, Mark Stier, says the Pennsylvania economy cannot recover until the cost of health care is add

Harrisburg, PA - Many school districts in Pennsylvania are short-changing students with special needs, according to a study recently released by the Education Law Center of Pennsylvania. Some education groups say the solution may rest with the stimulus package being debated in Washington, D.C. The

Harrisburg, PA – Name-calling and bullying are about to be thrown off the playground. This is national No Name-Calling Week, drawing attention to bullying and tolerance in our schools. The program is aimed at focusing attention on the problem in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Program spokesman

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