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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Federal judge blocks AZ law that 'disenfranchised' Native voters; government shutdown could cost U.S. travel economy about $1 Billion per week; WA group brings 'Alternatives to Violence' to secondary students.

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Senator Robert Menendez offers explanations on the money found in his home, non-partisan groups urge Congress to avert a government shutdown and a Nevada organization works to build Latino political engagement.

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An Indigenous project in South Dakota seeks to protect tribal data sovereignty, advocates in North Carolina are pushing back against attacks on public schools, and Arkansas wants the hungriest to have access to more fruits and veggies.

Campaign Finance Reform/Money in Pol

National Voter Registration Day is a nonpartisan civic holiday celebrating democracy. It has gained momentum since it was first observed in 2012. (DEEP/Adobe Stock)
About 1 in 3 Missourians Isn't Registered to Vote

Today is National Voter Registration Day, and Missourians have many locations where they can register to vote - from community colleges and …

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In 2012, candidates took 7%, on average, of all their out-of-state money from ideologically-driven donors. But in the 2022 election cycle, ideological donors typically made up 13% of the out-of-state donor pool, according to Open Secrets. (Adobe Stock)
Local and State Politics Grow Increasingly 'Nationalized'

Political candidates running for federal office have grown increasingly reliant on out-of-state donations, according to a new report. Government …

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Supporters say Washington's Fair Campaign Practices Act is needed more than ever in the era of online political ads. (tashatuvango/Adobe Stock)
Campaign Finance Watchdogs Support WA Disclosure Law in Meta Case

Campaign-finance watchdog groups are standing up in favor of Washington's disclosure law in court. Facebook parent company Meta has challenged the …

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Corporate donations were the largest source of spending in Maine's 2020 election cycle, including some from foreign-owned companies. (Adobe Stock)
Maine 'Clean Elections' Campaign Shifts to November Ballot

Advocates for "clean" elections in Maine are gearing up for a November ballot referendum that would ban foreign government spending in state elections…

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Critics of the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission say it gave greater political influence to wealthy donors and corporations by allowing them to spend unlimited funds on elections. (Adobe Stock)
Lawmakers Consider Changes to Maine’s Clean Election Law

Lawmakers in Maine are considering legislation to allow candidates seeking county level offices to receive taxpayer funds under the Maine Clean Electi…

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Data from the U.S. Department of Labor shows Massachusetts has four counties in the top 20 list of most expensive places for child care, including Middlesex and Norfolk counties, where families pay more than $26,000 annually in child care expenses. (Adobe Stock)
MA Bill Would Let Candidates Use Campaign Funds for Child Care

Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill to allow candidates seeking state or local office to use campaign funds for child care. Child care is …

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The Whooping Crane -- the tallest bird in North America -- is known to make stopovers on the Platte River in Nebraska.  Conservation efforts have increased the Whooping Crane population from a low of about 20 birds in the 1940s to an estimated 600 today. (Adobe Stock)
Recovering America's Wildlife Act Helps Wildlife, Farmers and Ranchers

CORRECTION: The number of species at risk in Nebraska is nearly 800. A previous version of the story listed only those the state currently considers …

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Campaign contributions for this year's Wisconsin Supreme Court race have more than doubled the previous record for a state-level judicial election. (Towfiqu Barbhuiya/Pexels)
WI Supreme Court Race: Record Spending Leads to Reform Calls

Leading up to this week's election, Wisconsin voters have been inundated with campaign ads for the high-profile state Supreme Court race, and …

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According to an analysis by the Brennan Center for Justice, the financial power of small donors could increase sevenfold, from 6% to 41% of all campaign funds through the Public Campaign Finance Program. (Adobe Stock)
Campaign Finance Program Facing Delays From NY Legislators

New York's Public Campaign Finance Program is facing delays from the very people who approved it - New York legislators. The program was approved by …

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The 163 billion cubic feet of lost methane on public lands represents enough wasted natural gas to meet the needs of 2.2 million households; nearly as many households as New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming combined, studies show. (Adobe Stock)
Report: $500 Million Gas Lost at Oil and Gas Fields on Public Lands

Oil and gas operators waste a half billion dollars worth of natural gas on public lands every year, according to a new report. Chad Franke, …

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While mortality rates for pregnant women have decreased globally, they continue to rise in the United States, with Black women three times more likely to die during pregnancy than white women. (Inez/Adobe Stock)<br />
Report: Women’s Rights a Canary in Coal Mine for Democracy

By Jennifer Weiss-Wolf for Ms. Magazine.Broadcast version by Eric Galatas for Colorado News Connection reporting for the Ms. Magazine-Public News …

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Senate File 40 aims to hold federal and state political action committees to the same standards. (Adobe Stock)
Wyoming Legislature Tackles Election Integrity

Election integrity has emerged as a top concern for Wyoming lawmakers gathered in Cheyenne, but it remains unclear what priorities will emerge from …

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