PNS Daily Newscast - January 29, 2020 

Lawmakers in Trump impeachment trial debate whether to hear testimony from Bolton. And California lags in new report on children's well-being.

2020Talks - January 29, 2020 

President Donald Trump unveiled his Middle East peace plan with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu by his side. Some candidates share their views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Public News Service - OR: Criminal Justice

Previously, domestic and sexual violence prevention efforts had only been funded at about 13 percent of what the shelter organizations said they would need just to meet the current emergency shelter requests in the state. Therefore, doubling it still leaves a shortfall.

SALEM, Ore. - At the very end of a long legislative session, Oregon lawmakers acknowledged the growing problems of domestic violence and sexual abuse in the state. They allocated twice as much funding as in the previous two years for prevention and services for survivors. It is part of a larger pu

PHOTO: Advocates for juveniles behind bars in Oregon say they might be left out of the justice reform package being negotiated in the State Legislature. Photo credit:

SALEM, Ore. - The long state legislative session has been full of promises to reform Oregon's criminal justice system, putting more focus on crime prevention and less on locking people up. Now, advocates for young offenders say all but a handful might be left out of that reform effort, in a compromi

SALEM, Ore. - One of the big remaining tasks for Oregon lawmakers this session is deciding what to do with the recommendations from the Governor's Commission on Public Safety. A new poll offers clues about how their constituents might handle it. Just last week, 600 Oregon voters were asked if they

SALEM, Ore. – It's Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and at a hearing today in Salem, advocates for victims say they're supporting a shift in Oregon's priorities for criminal justice. That includes legislation that would allow some sentencing changes. Supporters say giving judges more discreti

SALEM, Ore. - Valentine's Day doesn't mean hearts, flowers and candy when you're in an abusive relationship. This is also Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and, in Oregon, the groups that provide shelter and services to people fleeing abuse say they can't focus on prevention for young people whe


SALEM, Ore. - It's the Oregon Attorney General's list of who's been naughty - or at least, could be nicer - in the world of charitable solicitations. Groups on the "20 Worst Charities" list spend less than one in four of the donation dollars they receive on their charitable causes. For some of the g

PHOTO: Oregon's 2012 election results seem to indicate more voters share the view on this sign, seen earlier this year at a Portland State University rally.

PORTLAND, Ore. - One message from the Oregon election results could be that voters are shifting from a strict "tough on crime" stance to what some are calling a "smart on crime" approach. David Rogers, who heads the Partnership for Safety and Justice, says more people are connecting Oregon's crimin

PHOTO: Gov. John Kitzhaber addresses members of the Oregon Commission on Public Safety. Photo credit: Shannon Wight

PORTLAND, Ore. - Governor John Kitzhaber addressed the Oregon Commission on Public Safety Reform on Monday as it takes on the task of reeling in prison spending in Oregon. The effort has a variety of backers that aren't usually known for working together, all members of a Coalition for Safety and Sa

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