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PNS Daily Newscast - August 14, 2020 

Trump rebuffs Biden's call for a national mask mandate; nurses warn of risks of in-person school.

2020Talks - August 14, 2020 

Responses to President Trump's suggestion that he opposes more Postal Service funding in part to prevent expanded mail-in voting; and Puerto Rico's second try at a primary on Sunday.

Public News Service - TX: Environment

PHOTO: This photo, taken in 2010 following the Deepwater Horizon spill, shows an oil-covered pelican. Photo courtesy Louisiana Governor's Office.

AUSTIN, Texas - Nearly four years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a new study says the disaster is far from over. Much research remains to be done, said Dr. Doug Inkley, senior scientist for the National Wildlife Federation, but the science shows that wildlife still are

PHOTO: A long-running legal battle over which water bodies are covered by the Clean Water Act could be coming to an end, with a proposed rule to provide clarity on which are eligible. Photo credit:  Robert Nunnally

AUSTIN, Texas - It's a plan to better protect the most vulnerable waters across the state and nation, and among those giving cheers are some Texas beer lovers. The proposed rule aims to end the long-running legal battle over how to apply the Clean Water Act by clearly defining which water bodies fa

PHOTO: The pelicans of Galveston Bay are among the birds affected by the oil spill from the crash of a ship and a barge carrying marine fuel oil. CREDIT: Mike Fisher

GALVESTON, Texas - As work continues on cleanup from the weekend oil spill in Galveston Bay, a civil investigation has been opened by the Texas attorney general. The office calls the spill a blow to the economy in terms of small business, fishing and recreation. Wildlife also is being affected, with

PHOTO: Droughts driven by climate change are already threatening the reproductive health of ocelots and sea level rise is expected to wipe out some of the ocelot's coastal habitat. Photo credit: Mike Fisher

AUSTIN, Texas – As fans across Texas get ready to root on their favorite teams for March Madness, new research shows mascot namesakes, such as lions and tigers and bears, are facing real threats from climate change. Doug Inkley, a senior scientist with the National Wildlife Federation, says

PHOTO: The solar industry in Texas and nationwide continues to add jobs as a rapid pace. Photo credit: Sean Loyless

AUSTIN, Texas - The future is looking bright for the solar industry in the state and nationwide, with a record number now working in the field. According to Philip Haddix, manager of outreach and policy, The Solar Foundation, solar-industry employment grew by almost 20 percent since 2012, to reach n

PHOTO: When restoration funds from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are allocated to the states, those who live and work along the coast want to make sure Texas lawmakers spend the money on its intended purpose. Photo credit: Bill Rand

PORT MANSFIELD, Texas - As plans are put in place to allocate restoration funds from the massive BP oil spill, Texans who depend on the Gulf Coast for their livelihood say its health is an economic priority. Once the dollars are distributed, said Mike Sutton, a saltwater angler who owns Getaway Adv

PHOTO: A new report on active landfills in the state finds that at least 40 percent are leaking toxins. CREDIT: Bill McChesney

AUSTIN, Texas – As the battle over the site of a proposed landfill in central Texas continues, a new analysis is raising concerns statewide. The study finds that 40 percent of active landfills in the state that monitor their impact on groundwater are leaking toxins, and James Abshier, founde

PHOTO: A flock of around 300 whooping cranes is now returning to Texas for the winter after flying in from summer breeding grounds in Canada. CREDIT: Texas Parks and Wildlife

AUSTIN, Texas - The world's last flock of wild whooping cranes is now arriving in Texas, as the endangered birds make their annual winter migration to the coast from northern Canada. The flock has been growing slowly and it now numbers around 300 - despite the troubles of five years ago, recalled My

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